Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I download recitations onto my device for later offline use?

Just click on the menu button Screenshot_2015-10-06-01-22-13-1-1 in the bottom right corner, then select “Download Recitation” and then choose the reciter you wish to download. The following screen will then give you the option to download a particular Surah or the entire Qur’an.

Why is the app free? Are there any in-app purchases or ads?

We are a non-profit organization trying to promote peace by increasing the understanding of this beautiful religion through scholarly Islamic work. All the work is through donations and volunteer work and we want everyone to have access to it, free of charge and without ads.

How do I see if a verse has an explanation associated with it? And how do I open it?

Verses that have a Tafsir (explanation) associated with it, have a grey “turn-the-page” symbol next to it. Just click it and the Tafsir will open.

flip the page symbol

Why does the recitation sometimes stop to play when I turn off the screen (Android)?

Some Android devices have power-saver mode enabled which prevents the app from using the WiFi data when the screen is off. Android will hopefully deliver a fix for this soon.

Why did we choose this particular translation of the Qur’an?

While no translation can fully reflect the stunning beauty of the original Arabic Quran, the translation which was chosen is in our opinion one of the most authentic and powerful ones, closest to the true meaning. Additionally we were able to obtain a beautiful English recitation of it by Imam Benjamin Bilal.

Why is ‘Alif La Min’ and other letters of the Qur’an translated?

See Tafsir / interpretation of abbreviated letters in the Qur’an.

How do you scroll down the page quickly?

Just slide your finger up and down the right border of the screen (see screenshot). Should you activate the scrolling bar by mistake, just slide your finger back towards the middle of the screen, and the bar will disappear, without changing the verse.

fast-scrolling bar

What is the privacy policy of this app?

We respect your privacy and therefore the app does not collect or transfer any data whatsoever. It needs access to permission category “Photos/Media/Files” to playback the downloaded audio recitations and it needs access to permission category “Phone – read phone status and identity” to know when to stop playing audio in case a call is received or made.